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Buxton Music, Speech and Drama Festival

We are a Festival celebrating amateur music and drama performing,  with opportunities for children, young people and adults to perform in both a competitive and  non-competitive supportive environment and benefit from feedback.

The next Buxton Music Speech and Drama Festival will take place 

on May 14th, 20th and 21st,2016 with the Winners Concert being held  on June 11th.

 Deadline for entries: February 14th 2016

late entries may not be included in the printed programme

 2016-Syllabus (Click here for printable copy)


Individual adult singers, pianists and strings on MAY 14th,

Open Recital Prize class on MAY 14th,

School classes on MAY 20th,

Woodwind, Music ensembles and  Drama on MAY 21st.


Class no: F200: Family Duet or Ensemble, 2 or more related performers,

children and/or adults, any combination of instrumental/vocal.

extra marks given for widest age difference!



click here for ‘Buxton’ by Ian McMillan   Buxton Poem

Anyone who would like us to post a prospectus, please call Celia on  01298  79038

or email bmsdfestival@hotmail.com