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Deadline for entries is Saturday 29th February 2022. After that this form will cease to work.
Count-down to deadline -83 days.

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This application form is intended to simplify the process of entering for the Festival. It should be used in combination with the Syllabus and the Competition Rules. Completing an entry form is an acknowledgement that the person making the entry has read the Rules and Child Protection Policy and agrees to abide by them. Please note, when you have completed the form you will be asked to click the ‘Submit’ button. Nothing is saved until you click this button. Look out for an email confirming your entry.

Start by entering your contact details, this may be the teacher, parent or the applicant in person:


Next enter the competitor, choir or group name. If you are entering for yourself please enter your name again. For teachers entering more than one competitor please enter the first, you can enter more later.

Age on Saturday 9th May 2020 (if under 18) yrs
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